The best decisions are informed decisions.

The Cancer Survivor’s Bible is the only independent and completely impartial guide to all your options

You have time!

"Have bought several books on the subject as I have terminal cancer. This is definitely the best. It gives the pro's and cons of all types of treatments, traditional and alternative. Lots of protocols to choose from for healthy eating, cancer slowing diets. Everything written in one book by a man whose wife died of cancer 20 years before writing the book. He researched it for 20 years and gives all the sources of his information so that you can pursue the things that interest you further. If anyone asked for a recommendation on a book on this topic, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one." - Amazon (Canada)

“I love the approach….[The Cancer Survivor’s Bible]  is excellent – there should be a copy in every home. It’s well written using reader friendly language and a touch of humour.”

You have to choose that you want to get well again

Choosing means learning about cancer:
The Facts. The Issues. The Options.

And then making choices and decisions about what you want to do

And the journey starts here

 You need to read

The Cancer Survivor’s Bible

“An inspirational Guide...A must for anyone who fears the dreadful diagnosis” - The Midwest Book Review.

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