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Negative Attitudes Towards Alternative Cancer Therapies

A Negative Attitude Towards Alternative Cancer Therapies Means More Alternative Therapies Are Required! That’s right. The more negative you are to alternative therapies, the more alternative therapies you have to take. The logic is unassailable. An argument is only as good as the assumptions it is based on. So here is the only assumption you […]

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Julie’s Ovarian Cancer Cure Story

Julie was a self-employed, 56-year-old woman, living in the Pacific Northwest when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This is her story in her own words: I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2003. The following is my story: At the time of that diagnosis, three things were going on. I was hospitalized with life-threatening […]

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Cancer Survivor Stories – Free Book

Get a FREE BOOK – Cancer Survivors’ Stories This book is an 94-page paperback that retails for US$8.99 (£5.99). It tells the stories of over two dozen people who chose to follow an alternative therapy approach to their cancers. Their experiences illustrate the potential for benefit of following a non-conventional path. Download a free pdf […]

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