Negative Attitudes Towards Alternative Cancer Therapies

A Negative Attitude Towards Alternative Cancer Therapies Means More Alternative Therapies Are Required!

That’s right. The more negative you are to alternative therapies, the more alternative therapies you have to take. The logic is unassailable.

An argument is only as good as the assumptions it is based on. So here is the only assumption you have to accept. Alternative therapies – diets, herbs, supplements – have some anti-cancer benefit. How big a benefit is not the issue. You just have to accept that there is some benefit. The alternative is to suggest that there is absolutely no possible benefit. So, if you accept there may be some benefit then the argument follows along mathematical lines.

Let’s say you are very gung-ho about the potential of alternative therapies you want to take. You think each of them will have a 75% chance of working. Then you only need to do three such therapies to have a 98% likelihood of beating the cancer. The first therapy will cure 75% of the people taking it, the second therapy will mop up a further 18.75% and the third therapy will cure a further 4.68% (75% + 18.75% + 4.68% = 98.43%).

OK. Let’s say you think it’s a fifty-fifty option. In that case you will need to do five therapies to give you a 97% chance of a cure. I’ll leave you to check the maths.

Hmm, you might say, I go along with the view that there is some benefit to diets and herbs and supplements but I wouldn’t put it anywhere near 50%. My guess is that there may be a 20% potential on average. Well in that case you have to do a dozen or so therapies to give yourself a greater than 90% chance of recovery.

You see? The more negative you are the more therapies you have to do. And you know what? None of us can say what the likelihood is of any therapy working in our particular case. It actually pays to be negative.

The more negative you are, the more therapies you need to do, and therefore the more likely it is that you will recover. It’s just plain simple maths.

Or do you need a doctor to give you permission to do something different from what he’s offering?

The truth is for the average cancer the doctor will recommend chemo, which will cause great pain and has a less than 10% chance of working (very likely less than 5%). The alternative approaches, on the other hand, will not cause pain and – collectively – offer a far greater chance of working (unfortunately the doctor disapproves of them).

So ask yourself this: Is your life, and the quality of your life, and the importance of your life to your family and friends less important to you than your doctor’s approval? For those who turn away from the alternative approaches and go with the conventional approaches, I guess it must be.

Not only is that weird, it is completely irrational – unless of course you believe that NO amount of vitamins and/or minerals and/or herbs and/or organic fruit and vegetables – not to mention the exercise, the meditation, the visualisation and all the other alternative therapies that people have said worked for them will help your body fight the cancer.


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